Respect in the Martial Arts is something that has been lacking for some time

Sir, Ma’am, Sensei, etc. have been missing for years.

Where has it gone? What do we as martial artists need to do to get it back? I know that there are fakes out there or people who some might feel do not deserve their rank. Put that aside, we do not know everyone’s story or how they were promoted. We must treat everyone with respect in a world of such disrespect. As instructors it starts with us. We are the ones that need to make sure we are passing in onto our students. When I was a child growing up on the martial arts, I was always taught that the high ranks go first, no matter what.

When we would go to a dojo dinner, the black belts ate first. Highest dan ranking to the lowest. These was standard for everything we did not just a dinner. Over the past few years, I have been heavily involved in running tournaments. I have watched kyu grades yell at dan grades if they did not get there way. This has to change. I have been working on this with the model and philosophy of Kaizen.

I am honored to be in a organization that values respect in the martial arts.


Contributed by Kyoshi C.J. Mayo – Head Instructor Shinzo Kaizen Dojo

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