Respect. Integrity. Discipline.

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Our Mission

We at American Karate Academies National Association are committed to create a better world filled with health, peace, safety, and harmony focused around concepts from old traditional and modern martial arts attitudes. We are committed to the Study of control, power and self-awareness skills through the understanding of one’s inner qualities of self-esteem.

We are committed to empowering people with positive benefits of martial art training. We hope to impact each and every student with the positive attitude for the greater gain of all.

 We will maintain a heritage of our membership and keep a true spirit of togetherness with all those associated.

Kata Korner

Our Philosopy

We will maintain, with vigilance, a high standard of teaching, a development of quality instructors, and superior student Black Belts with quality minds and spirit. We will provide professional, clean, and wholesome martial arts schools (dojos) and facilities.

We hope to be an inspiration to all members. Our members who reach Black Belt are and will be people of integrity, self-discipline, and leaders in their communities.

We shall provide a safe haven for positive energy and support for all members and students of AKANA.

We hope to inspire all those who wish to be martial artists.

Our Promise

hanshi piddingtonWe will uphold a high standard of martial arts techniques and the styles of study. We will keep the values of discipline, loyalty, family, and respect at the highest Black Belt level. Our schools and instructors shall empower students and members in becoming well-rounded, open-minded and excellent practitioners of martial arts
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